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Dr Pimple Popper!

By Salon Forty Seven, Sep 17 2016 01:42PM

So here at Salon Forty Seven we came across a really interesting article in The Times Magazine and we thought we just had to share it with you all! Now just a little warning, this may not be for the squeamish among you but we are pretty sure most of you can relate to at least some of what Dr Sandra Lee, a Dermatologist in California has to say!

Now come on, how many of you out there can admit to enjoying squeezing a little blackhead or even a big yellow spot? We can agree, it is strangely satisfying watching the little ribbon of puss wiggle out of a blackhead, or quite relieving to know that a big bulge of goo is no longer sitting under your skin!

Dr Lee picked up on this strange satisfaction and began, first merely as a social experiment, to set up an Instagram account documenting her work and lifestyle. It soon became clear which areas of her work were attracting the most attention, it wasn’t her highly skilled clinical procedures such as removing cancers or lasering away unwanted tattoos, nor was it her beautiful selfies and luxury holidays, it was in fact possibly the least glamorous aspects of her work: popping zits, cysts and blackheads!

The followers and comments quickly built up on Lee’s posts, earning herself the nickname ‘Dr Pimple Popper’. She soon discovered there was a whole online unsanitary and poorly filmed. Dr Lee uses her expertise as a dermatologist to deliver the popaholics with the kick they crave from watching a satisfying zit squeeze, yet keeps the environment, the skin and her utensils sparklingly sanitary, as the sight of blood or dirt can quickly become a turn off for even the most zealous popaholic!

So what makes Dr Lee’s approach that much more clinical than your average at home spot squeezing in the bathroom mirror? Well this is the fascinating part (we advise you DO NOT try this at home!), the pimple popper is able to use anesthetic and surgical tools that allow her to open pores that would otherwise remain blocked. Anywhere she thinks she may have to use her scalpel, Dr Lee will inject a squirt of anesthetic, not only numbing the area for the comfort of the ‘poppee’ but to also constrict the flow of blood to the area, thus limiting the unsightly appearance of blood from the ‘pop’!

What Dr Lee found all her popaholics had in common was the deep feeling of vicarious satisfaction they got from watching her videos, which are now a Youtube sensation! Many people compared the sensation to how they feel when they manage to open a tightly stuck jar, pulling up weeds, a rollercoaster ride or a scary movie! So we guess when you put it like that, it’s not as bizarre as it may first seem!

Now, as fascinating as Dr Lee’s work is and as much as we can admit to popping the odd zit here and there, obviously here at Salon Forty Seven we pride ourselves on 1st class skincare. We may not have the anesthetic and scalpels that the infamous pimple popper has to offer, but with expert knowledge, cosmeceutical grade skincare and a range of excellent treatments, we can offer you the satisfaction of great skin. Just take a look at the ‘Before and After’ section of our website so see some of our very own results and don’t hesitate phone or visit the Salon today to start your very own journey to skincare satisfaction!

And for that vicarious pimple popping kick, here is a link to Dr Sandra Lee’s youtube channel!