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IPL Permanent Hair Reduction!

By Salon Forty Seven, Jul 14 2016 02:00AM


As i'm sure you are all aware, here at Salon Forty Seven we now offer the latest in IPL Hair Reduction! But what is IPL? And how do you know if it is the right form of hair removal for you? Well, let us guide you and answer these all important questions for you!

Having trained in both IPL and Laser methods of hair reduction, and gained experience in a leading Bristol Clinic, here at Salon forty Seven Karon is able to provide impartial, non-judgemental, honest advice on both.

For expert care, experience and knowledge you can trust in for your requirements.


" Light" is one type of energy from a much wider spectrum of energies which scientists call the Electromagnetic Spectrum.


• Beam consists of photons of single narrow wavelength, made up of a single pure colour ("monochromatic").

• Beam does not spread out ("collimated") therefore beam can be focussed precisely.

• Can be pulsed.


• Emits light over a wide spectrum, contains a wide range of wavelengths so is polychromatic.

• Filters are used to absorb the unwanted parts of the spectrum.

• Light is divergent, however it is possible to direct the beam towards targeted area.

• More flexible in terms of variation of pulse output, this combined with larger beam size an advantage eg hair reduction.

And so here at Salon Forty Seven, we made our choice, from previous experience and clinical research, we

decided that IPL for permanent hair reduction was superior. For a fast, painless, safe and efficient treatment you can trust!

“ Aesthetic treatments are my speciality and I am results driven" - Karon, Salon Forty Seven

So why not pop in to the Salon and speak to our lovely Karon about starting your very own fuzz-free life today!