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By Salon Forty Seven, Jul 10 2016 02:29PM

So following on from our previous post about the importance of protecting our skin from sun damage, you may be thinking that you're doomed to endless summers of a pasty pale complexion! (*GASP*) But never fear! Salon Forty Seven are here with all the info you need to achieve a healthy, sunkissed glow without being destined to the perils of sun damage (re-cap: leathery old boot, pigmentation, skin cancer).

Just follow these simple steps below to be a bronzed beauty, not only this summer but all year round!

By Salon Forty Seven, Jun 26 2016 01:03PM

As I’m sure you all know, here at Salon Forty Seven we are PASSIONATE about skincare, and a fundamental part of your daily skincare routine is to protect your skin against sun damage. (YES even in the gloomy British Summertime!) In fact, it is crucial to protect your skin against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB all year round, not just during the summer months.

So what are UVA and UVB rays, and what are they doing to our skin?

UVB (B for Burning) is a very visible ray on the light spectrum and our senses recognize it. We can see the sunshine, we can feel the heat on our skin and can watch our skin change colour, so know to apply SPF. However, the sun tan lotions we know well that are available in high-street stores and supermarkets, are thick, oily or chalky and can cause some of us to have a reaction, such as sensitivity or prickly heat. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing most of these cheaper, high street sun tan lotions is that, yes they protect us from UVB rays and prevent us from burning (very important!), yet they offer very little protection from UVA.

So what is UVA?

What are the main effects we associate with sun damage? Leathery, dehydrated skin? Pigmentation and dark spots? Lines and Wrinkles? (YIKES!) All of these are a direct effect of UVA.

UVA (A for aging) is a deeply damaging ray on the light spectrum that is in ALL daylight. We cannot see or feel the effect of UVA on our skin, yet up to 49% of UVA rays penetrate to the deeper layers of our skin. Whereas UVB only penetrates the top layers of skin, UVA reaches the nucleus of our skin cells that hold our DNA information. If we get DNA breakdown in our skin cells, we see weakening of the skin causing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin as well as aggravated skin conditions such Acne and Rosacea . UVA rays can also penetrate our Melanocytes, the cells in our skin that make our pigment. If these cells get damaged they can over produce pigment giving us uneven skin tone, pigmentation and sun spots. UVA can travel through window glass and even reaches our skin if we are sat indoors. So whether you work outdoors or in an office, UVA protection is essential, everyday!

There are two types of protection from UV radiation. Chemical SPF is the main protector against UVB, they let the rays into the skin, transfer it into heat, and kick it back out again. Physical SPF protects us against UVA and the molecules are like snowflakes made of mirror. They overlap on the skin and bounce the sunrays off the skin while the tiny gaps in the flake like structure allow our skin to breathe.

So in order to protect your skin from both the discomfort of burning and the lasting effects of ageing, a BROAD SPECTRUM SPF is needed, as this will contain both physical and chemical protection ingredients.

Don’t panic! Salon Forty Seven are here to help!

The fabulous Prevention+ range is available at the Salon, where Karon can ‘prescribe’ you the perfect products to keep your skin healthy and beautiful! (PHEW!) Prevention+ is not only a high-intensity sunscreen, but also offers the magical broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection, filled with stem cells, antioxidants, botanical SPF boosters, and a DNA Protection Complex. Prevention+ uses a form of zinc sun protection rarely used in products because it’s expensive, but the particles are so small that it prevents the white, cakey residue left by some sunscreens. Prevention+ completely absorbs into the skin leaving it silky and smooth, and completely protected! (YIPPEE!)

By Salon Forty Seven, Jun 19 2016 01:12PM

The long awaited Salon Forty Seven blog is now live! Full of tips & tricks, product reviews, news, events and much more, the blog will be your one stop shop for all things Salon Forty Seven!

We are very excited to share our world with you <3

"Be your own kind of beautiful"

With love,

The Salon Forty Seven Team